Gillian & I at the Expo in NY

I was so lucky to get to meet Gillian Anderson backstage at The X-Files Expo in New York! I can't stress that enough. It has been my dream to get to meet the most wonderful actress, and my role model, and I was able to! Gillian is the nicest person you could ever meet; I couldn't have asked for a better time! I couldn't believe I actually got to talk to her! It was definitely a dream come true. I have been an admirer of Gillian for a long time, she is extremely talented. She makes Dana Scully such a believable character you can really relate to.

Many people have emailed me, asking about my experiences. I wanted to let everyone that has written know that I really appreciate it. I love hearing from other Gillian Anderson fans, so don't hesitate to email me, even just to chat.

Here soon, I will have up a collection of some of my favorite memories I have from seeing Gillian, as well as memorable quotes from her when she was on stage.

Out of everything though, my favorite part no matter what was seeing Gillian backstage when I talked to her!

You can view some pictures of Gillian at the Expo here.
Here is a close up picture of the two of us.
You can see a closeup picture of my Rolling Stone autograph from her here.

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