Hi, and welcome to GASP (Gillian Anderson Supporters of Pennsylvania). This is a Gillian Anderson fan club for people living in or around the PA area. Members will receive current information on Gillian and The X-Files when it becomes available. Members will also be invited to X-Files/Gillian Anderson events in and near PA. Hopefully maybe someday, there could be a gathering/X-Files party in PA. Also, if you have any Gillian Anderson (not Scully, please) fanfic, please send it to us. Members will receive an identification number, and a password to login to a special GASP site.(when available)

For your Gillian enjoyment of the present, you can view all of the images in my Gillian Anderson archive.

I know the links on the bar aren't working yet, I'm still in the process of fixing this page! However, the list is up and running, so please, join the GASP mailing list by clicking below.

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