Hi, my name is Jamie Ruby, and welcome to my "Inspiration" fanfic archive. I always like to look at fanfic book covers/pictures that people make. I always enjoy making my own as well, but most times I have not been able to finish the stories due to lack of inspiration. There are many fanfic-inspired pictures out there, so I thought, "Why not make a picture-inspired fanfic archive?" Here is your challenge: write a fanfic based on a picture and/or description here. When you complete a story (or complete a chapter of one) I can add your name to the book cover. You may use the picture on your website if you want, (with my knowledge) and I will display your story here. I only have a few guidelines that I ask you to follow: If you put one of the pictures on your page, please put that it was created by me (Jamie Ruby) and put a link back to this page. Also, some stories may have summary suggestions, but they are only suggestions.

If you have fanfic art or fanfic summaries you want to send, feel free to email me by following the links at the bottom of the page. A title and/or caption is not required. Also, more than one story can be written for each picture. If you have a file to send, please link it if possible.

Click on the books to view the full dust covers.

I know there is not much here yet, but I plan to make more as time goes on. Anyway, enjoy! More updates to come soon:)

A Healing Touch
A Post-Biogenesis Fanfic

A Christmas to Remember



An X-Files/Millennium crossover about
New Year's Eve of 1999
(Post-Millennium fanfic OK)

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