For Mohawk High student Jamie Ruby and millions of other devoted "X-Files" fans, one hour a week on TV simply wasn't enough. So Ruby is helping other young followers of the show get a weekly sci-fi fix with her very own web site.

Generation 'X' in Cyberspace

By Jeff Jones
Summer Break

Most people like to set aside some time each week to watch their favorite television show, but Jamie Ruby's time involves more than just a half hour in front of the TV set. It's a way of life. You might say she goes to X-tremes for the "X-Files." "I started watching the show around the end of the third season. My friend told me I should watch it, and I got addicted very quick, Ruby said. "I like the show because it has everything -- romance, humor, action, and science fiction. "I have every show on tape, and also have taped other TV appearances of the actors." Ruby also has something a lot of other 15-year olds don't -- her very own web site devoted to the show. And she's gained quite a following from other X-Philes across the nation, who log on to find photos and factoids about their favorite program. Ruby, who will be a junior at Mohawk Area High in the fall, estimated that her site has more than 200 individual pages. Pictures and reviews fill the pages to the brim. On Sunday mornings, Ruby wakes up at the break of dawn to watch the studio's "X-Files" feed on satellite. Then, she posts some pictures from the episode on a web page and writes a spoiler, or a mini review, for other fans. At a recent New York "X-Files" expo that Ruby attended, a woman recognized her from pictures on the Internet. Other people asked why she hadn't posted a written spoiler for the show that Sunday morning. "I told them meeting Gillian Anderson was more important than writing a spoiler," Ruby said. Ruby's bedroom is an X-tension of her addiction. The room is her personal shrine to the show as posters and "X-Files" memorablia adorn the walls. A bookshelf beside her bed contains more than 30 books pertaining to the show. Pictures cover her dresser. And hanging on one wall is a glass display case that holds even more memorabilia. Pictures of her with Gillian Anderson and other characters from the show fill a photo book and above her bed is a massive display of more photos taken of her with the actors. Ruby atteneded an "X-Files" expo in New York in early May and one in Detroit three weeks ago. There, she met Anderson, who plays agent Scully, and other actors from the show. "My biggest thing was meeting Gillian Anderson. She hugged me," Ruby said. Ruby won two trivia games at the expos and also viewed a preview of the "X-Files movie, which opens today. During actor Dean Langley's ***see end notes*** talk to the crowd, he called Ruby onto the stage. "As part of his comedy act I had to move his arms and legs for him. Later, when he signed a picture for me he wrote, "'thanks for moving me.'" Doug Hutchison and Nicholas Lea, both actors from the show, kissed her on the cheek. At the Detroit expo she went to the backstage party. "There was a lot of weird food," Ruby said. Her mother, Terri, added, "It was neat to see all the actors together. At the expo you see them individually, but to be able to see them all backstage talking was a different expierience." She didn't meet Chris Carter, the popular show's creator and producer, but hopes to. "I would like to meet him and David." Ruby said. ("David" is "X-Files" hunk David Duchovny, who plays Fox Mulder.) Ruby's parents took her to the expos and have since developed an interest in the show. "I like it a lot. She's gotten me interested. She explains it to me if I get lost," her mother said. She added that her father was going to start watching the show. "My grandma watches it too," Ruby said. Scully and Mulder are Ruby's favorite characters. "I like Mulder as the guy, and Scully as the woman. I don't think the show could go on if one or the other quite," Ruby said. Redux II is her favorite episode. "I like it because Mulder kisses Scully and talks to her in the hopital. It also answers a lot of mythology questions, but leaves a lot unanswered," Ruby said. Ruby plans to attend the "X-Files" movie tonight and offers some words of encouragement to non-fans who might be fearful of going. "Even if you don't watch the show, you'll be able to understand the movie." (If you're interested in Jamie Ruby's web site, you can log on at ***end notes from Jamie*** *It's really 'Dean Haglund' (who plays 'Ringo Langly') he made a mistake on what I said.*
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