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Hello, and welcome to the Office of the Lone Gunmen. On this page, I plan to include as much information on the paranoid trio as possible, as well as on their alter egos. I will now also include stuff about "The Lone Gunmen" series and the other characters/actors on the show.

The Lone Gunmen are a group of paranoid computer hackers who write and publish a news letter, titled appropriately The Lone Gunmen. (However, there has also been talk of another possible newspaper, The Magic Bullet, in various places.)

Click on the rollover buttons on the image above to access the LGM sites. Below are short descriptions of them, as well as short character bios of the LGM..

Above there are links for all of the main actors/characters, which soon will include information, links, and more pictures. There are also links to an episode guide, spoilers, images, links, and a what's new page. These are self explanitory. "Langly's Lingo" is a site containing jargon that the LGM have used, and what it means. The J-Files links to my main site.

Right now, all that is here is Langly's Lair; however, included on that site is information and pictures from when I met Dean Haglund, and pictures from "The Pilot" (under the episode guide).

Go to Langly's Lair
Go to Langly's Lair 
Ringo Langly, the communications expert, is usually the one on the computer.  He usually wears a T-shirt from one of his favorite rock bands, and always dons his black-rimmed glasses. Langly is played by Dean Haglund, a great actor and comedian, who I was fortunate enough to meet. To find out more about Dean or Langly, take a trip to
Langly's Lair.

"Mulder you look down. You're welcome to come over on Saturday. We're going to jump on the internet and nitpick the scientific inaccuracies of Earth 2."
--One Breath
John Fitzgerald Byers
John Fitzgerald Byers
John Fitzgerald Byers is the military and infomation systems expert of the group and also the most calm and presentable, always wearing crisp suits. He was named after John F. Kennedy - before the assassination, his parents were going to name him Bertram. 
Before becoming a member of the Lone Gunmen, he was working for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Byers is played by the great actor, Bruce Harwood. There will be a site up for Byers and Bruce Harwood soon.

"That's why we like you, Mulder, your ideas are weirder than ours!" 
Melvin Frohike 
Melvin Frohike
Melvin Frohike is the photographic and surveillance specialist of the editorial board.  He keeps it no secret that he harbors an attraction to Special Agent Dana Scully, always saying how hot she is. He apparently likes to watch pornography in his spare time, because Special Agent Fox Mulder has talked about giving him his tapes in the future. Frohike is played by the great actor Tom Braidwood, who is also a assistant director on the show. There will be a site up for Frohike and Tom Braidwood soon.

"It's Frohike, you punkass!"
--Dreamland II
NOTE: There was also a member of the Lone Gunmen, Kenneth Soona (a.k.a. The Thinker) but he was killed during the second season.
The Lone Gunmen

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