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Hi and welcome to a feature at "The X-Cellent X-Files X-Perience," The X-Files Spoilers! You will want to check back here frequently, as it will be updated regularly. I put up rumors and spoilers here as much as I can about the episodes. I get to see The X-Files between a day and two days early, every week, depending on the feed. So, I will be posting regularly summaries of each episode, before they are actually aired on cable! I also post images and quotes every week! Me and Spooky For information on how to see the X-Files feeds on the satellite, as well as for any questions on episodes, feel free to email me. I also can tell you when this page has been updated, if you wish. Also, check here for the latest merchandise and movie rumors! Choose your desination from the menu on the right. "Tomorrow's News" is just that, news about the show. "The Gossip Column" is Spoilers and thoughts on them from all over the internet. The Events section lists upcoming episodes and appearances of the stars. "Critic's Corner" is where all my episode reviews are kept. They appear there 1-2 days before the episode is aired on cable. The Entertainment section is the media for the episodes which includes pictures, quotes, and more. Horoscopes tells of predictions of "The X-Files" in the future. The Sports section will tell what the cast/crew is up to [outside of "The X-Files."] The Obituaries will list character deaths of the season, and The Classifed section is a page for the members of "The X-Files Spoilers Mailing List" (XFS). With all of the links below, you can find all the information on past, present, and future episodes. If you would like to view a text based list of episodes, go here. You can also find links to the images and/or quotes for each episode on their corresponding review page. If you have any more information, spoilers, or questions for me, feel free to email me. If you give me a tip, I don't have to reveal my source, unless you want me too. Want to know what's going to happen before it does? Then this is the place to be!

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