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"Secret Agent Plan"

Less scintillating scuttlebutt: All that hoopla over at Fox regarding the possible replacement of David Duchovny on The X-Files. It seems everybody from Chris Noth to Téa Leoni is being considered to take the place of Fox Mulder, who will appear only infrequently next season.

Two things you probably haven't heard: (1) Fox has confirmed to me that Kyle MacLachlan, who was so utterly cool as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper on TV's Twin Peaks (before he descended into such derriere-revealing decadence as Showgirls), is on the shortlist for the government-sleuth role; and (2)...

Duchovny may not be replaced at all.

"The list is very short," said a high-up Fox exec, who asked not to be identified, "but at this point we're still not sure if we want Scully to reteam with anyone. She may be going it alone."

Sounds pretty primo to me. Gillian Anderson has more than proven her stature and popularity in the cult series, so why not let her take the lead by herself? Aren't there enough TV shows dripping with machismo?

Besides, Gillian, who's one of the strongest women on the boob tube, has plenty of balls herself. Why overdo things?"

Fox Under Gun to Find Duchovny Replacement

Daily News Staff Writer

With production set to begin shortly on episodes of "The X-Files" for the upcoming season, Fox and the show's producers have stepped up the search for a male character to step in for David Duchovny.

Sources confirmed yesterday that four actors — Lou Diamond Phillips ( Broadway's "The King and I"), Bruce Campbell ("Ellen"), Robert Patrick ("Cop Land") and Hart Bochner ("The Breakup") — had talked with the network about the role.

"These are definitely four among a roster of candidates," said a source. "The actors were at the network on Friday."

Also repeatedly mentioned as a possible replacement is former "Law & Order" star Chris Noth, now seen on HBO's "Sex and the City."

Show creator Chris Carter is looking for a male lead to be paired with Gillian Anderson and eventually take over for Duchovny, who will appear in only 11 episodes this season.

Duchovny, as Special Agent Fox Mulder, will be seen in the first two episodes of the new season and then leave. That will set up a storyline in which Anderson, as agent Dana Scully, will be paired with the newcomer to search for Mulder. Mulder was abducted by aliens in the season finale.

The new cast member will turn up in the first episode, according to the source.

Duchovny will then return to the series at around episode 13.

The popular actor inked a deal with show producer Chris Carter and Twentieth Television late last spring, ending one of the biggest guessing games concerning the new season.

Until then, Duchovny had repeatedly given the impression that he wouldn't return to the show for an eighth season. His comments were given credence since he was also suing the studio for what he perceived were unethical business practices that cost him money.

Under the new deal, worth a reported $20 million, Duchovny gets around $400,000 per episode with the balance going to settle the legal issues.

It's possible that if the series survives replacing Duchovny, the producers could use the same method to replace Anderson, who also has repeatedly said she doesn't want to continue on the show. She is contractually bound to appear on the upcoming season.

Original Publication Date: 7/18/00


According to The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Chris Carter is believed to be eyeing Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), Robert Patrick (T2), Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), and Hart Bochner (Anywhere But Here) for the new male lead on X-FILES next season.

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