Hi, and welcome to part of my "Strange World" on the web. I say 'part,' because most of my websites could probably be considered 'strange,' dealing with "The X-Files" and the like:) This site however, is dedicated to the television show "Strange World."

"Strange World" aired for the first time on March 8th. Created by Howard Gordon, a former executive producer of "The X-Files," this show proves to be a science fiction show that may make you question the truth around you.

"Strange World" deals with anomalies and experiments in science. The main character, Paul Turner, asks in the first episode, "Why are people more afraid of aliens from outer space than the monsters we're creating ourselves?"

Turner was a army scientist in the Gulf War in 1991. He and another solder were in an area during the war that was heavily contaminated with the disease that had killed so many - The Gulf War Syndrome. Contamination suits compromised, Turner and the other man were marked for death.

When Turner was in the hospital, his immune system drastically damaged, an unknown woman secretly injected a solution into his IV. Turner miraculously recovered.

Somehow Turner continues to find more antidotes from this mysterious informant-like character, but only when he is in dire need of them. Without them, he cannot survive.

A friend of his from the service decides that he is the only one capable of handling cases involving the criminal misuses of science. He will investigate cases to stop the terror that has haunted him since 1991. Since then, he has come to believe that he is not completely alive, only part of an experiment in a strange, conspirital world.


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