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The X-Files Movie Soundtracks! That's right with an 's' as in plural! There are two soundtracks for the movie, one being a musical score by Mark Snow, and the other having songs by various artists for the movie! I have posted here as many of the lyrics I could find. If you find more please tell me! SHIPPERS>>You will be pleased! Take a look at I'm on Your Back by Foo Fighters, and Crystal Ship by X!!!!!

Here are the lyrics:

  1. Dust Brothers "X-Files Theme Remix"
  2. Filter "One" (Three Dog Night cover)
  3. Tonic "Flowerman"
  4. Foo Fighters "Walking After You" - this song rocks! You can hear the whole song from the Foo Fighters page!
  5. Sting and Aswad "Invisible Sun" (Police cover)
  6. Ween "Beacon Light"
  7. Cardigans "Deuce"
  8. Better Than Ezra "Murder In This Town"
  9. The Cure "More Than This" (Roxy Music cover)
  10. Bjork "Hunter"
  11. Soul Coughing "16 Horses"
  12. X "Crystal Ship" (Doors cover)
  13. Sarah McLaughlin "Black" (remix?)
  14. Noel Gallagher "Theotihuacan"
  15. Mike Oldfield "X-Files Theme" (bonus track on "international" version)

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