The Life of an Obsessed X-Phile

A fanatic is one who won't change the subject and can't change their mind.

Hi, my name is Jamie and I am an Obsessed X-Phile, and this is my life! People never seem to understand how someone can become so immersed in a television show. It's not hard! Here is some examples of some of the ways that prove I'm an Obessed X-Phile.

Some Basics:
1. I *NEVER* miss X-Files on Sunday, unless I'm meeting Gillian Anderson that day. (This happened to me last year on May 10th.)
2. I tape all of the episodes and keep them. I have multiple copies of most because some aren't "clear enough," that and the fact that I want all the eps on SP speed.
3. Every Sunday I get up early to watch X-Files on a feed (at 7:30 a.m.)
4. After I watch the episode I write a *VERY* detailled review and I 'snappy' around 50 pictures from the episode.
5. That night I still watch the episode again. (I sometimes have already watched it again making it more than two times per Sunday.
6. I buy anything and everything X-Files I find - any magazine with even a small article. I buy duplicate copies of many of them.Even Barbie dolls and Action Figures (who doesn't?).
7. I frequently quiz and teach my family about the show to keep them up to date.
8. I talk so much about X-Files, when I mention them (like at school) everyone usually groans).
9. I can quote entire scenes from the episodes/movie (and even Bloopers) at a time (quoting with someone else to be the opposite character is always great - *waves to Gary and Paula*.
10. Most of my free time is spent on the computer working on my (very extensive) X-Files website or reading X-Files fanfic. (MSR only of course:)
11. Every time I see that the clock (or date) reads 11:21 or 10:13 I cheer!
12. In school if my reports can be about anything to do with "The X-Files," they are. (For some examples, for a book report I read Whirlwind and I had to once analyze three of my favorite songs and they all [make me think of] "The X-Files" (one was of course my fav, "Extremis"), also my senior project is going to by on "The X-Files.")
13. I think of all possible X-Files references in movies/tv shows (like when a actor/actress from "The X-Files" is in something else) and see/buy/tape movies just because of them if it's an important character (like "Shocker" or "Magic's Biggest Secrets" with Mitch Pileggi and "Once a Thief" with Nicholas Lea for examples.
14. I go to movies to see previews even if I don't like the movie (I saw the "Playing God" and "The X-Files: Fight the Future" trailers that way).

More Stuff
1. I traveled over 500 miles (I think that's about right) to meet Gillian (and others) at the NY Expo (who wouldn't?)
2. I saw the "The X-Files: Fight the Future" 20 times at the theater -- in fact, I was there so much that someone that worked there gave me two free passes!
3. Not only did I dress up as Scully for both Expos I went to, I did the same at the movie theater the first few times (I would have more, but don't forget this was in the summer and a suit is hot)! At the theater people really thought I was from the FBI (adults too) that was strange but cool! I also did for Halloween of course:) - for a Halloween party my boyfriend was Mulder and I was Scully, very cool;)
4. I traveled over and hour and a half to see Gillian's movies "The Mighty" and "Playing By Heart!"
5. I know just about everything about "The X-Files" and even won both trivia contests at the Expo as well as the Virtual Contest! Because of these I met another X-Phile who actually knows the stuff (and quotes) like I do:) *waves to Paula:)*
6. For my birthday last year (even though I don't like it) I ate BBQ ribs and "small potatoes," with a snowball for desert, and drank ice tea to commemorate being a 'Shipper and Scully's birthday in "Tempus Fugit."

Now, I want to know what makes *you* and obsessive X-Phile! Send me your reasons and I'll post them on this page:) (Please put "Obsessive X-Phile" in the subject line) I will also add more of my own soon too:)

The X-Cellent X-Files X-Perience

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