The Truth

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The Truth (as of now Part 1 of 2)

Episode: 9X19/9X20
Airdate: 05/19/02
Written by: Chris Carter
Directed by:
Kim Manners
Starring: Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully, Robert Patrick as John Doggett, Annabeth Gish as Monica Reyes, and Mitch Pileggi as A.D. Skinner



A helicopter lands. People exit. The last one out is Fox Mulder. They are in some kind of underground secret military facility.

All of the people get on a bus.

When Mulder gets off, he runs further into the facility. He looks out over what the workers are doing.

Mulder uses a card key to get into various rooms.

He enters a room and sits down behind a keyboard. There is a translucent green computer screen in front of him.

Mulder types something, and then the words "End Game" come up on the screen. The next thing on the screen is, "December 22, 2012. The date is set."

Suddenly Knowle Roher comes into the room.

Mulder runs from Roher and the two of them end of fighting. Mulder runs from him, but he follows.

When Mulder gets to the doorway, Krycek is standing there. Surprised, Mulder says:

MULDER: No! You're dead.

Krycek ignores this and tells him that there are others.

Mulder looks up and sees other military men. He turns back to Krycek, but he has vanished.

Mulder and Roher fight again, and they end up on a catwalk. Somehow Mulder is able to overpower Roher and knocks him over the railing.

Roher falls into electrical wires below.

Mulder, almost having fallen himself, pulls himself back up.

Military men with guns surround him.

Mulder is on the floor of a cell in the brig. A military officer comes in and yells to Mulder that there is no sleeping. He asks Mulder, "What are you thinking." Mulder asks him where he is. The man screams "Wrong Answer," and whacks his bat above Mulder's head on the wall behind him.

The man asks again, and Mulder tells him that he is thinking about getting out of there. Again he screams at him that he is wrong. He hits Mulder in the stomach with the bat.

The man walks out and shuts the door.

Later the man comes in again and yells at Mulder again for sleeping.

MAN: What are you thinking?!
MULDER: About my son. About his mother.

The man yells at him again that it is the wrong answer, and then hits him once again.

When he asks Mulder the same question again later, Mulder asks him what he should be thinking.

The man tells him that he is a guilty man and entered a government facility illegally in search of nonexistent information. He failed in every respect. He yells at Mulder to say it and he does:

MULDER: I'm a guilty man. I failed in every respect. I deserve the harshest punishment for my crime.

Scully and Skinner enter the brig. Scully asks Skinner who called his office, and he tells her that Kersh did, but he doesn't know who called Kersh. He also doesn't know how long Mulder has been there. All that Skinner knows is that Mulder is being held there indefinitely.

After walking into the cell, Scully sees Mulder and calls his name. He looks at her and calls her Dana. Then they each hug each other tight. Scully kisses him on the cheek.

Mulder asks if she is okay. She tells him that she hasn't seen him for such a long time and was worried, but she needs to know if he is okay.

He tells her that he is all right, and that they are treating him really well in there. He is acting strangely.

Skinner asks Mulder if he has been told of the charges and why he is there. Mulder tells him that he is clear on the crime. He tells them that he murdered a man. He went looking for something that didn't exist, and it was a terrible mistake. He also says that he should be punished severely.

Skinner tells him that no matter what he did, he has a right to a lawyer and an inquiry and process of law. Mulder just tells him that he must not have heard what he just said.

The guard tells Scully and Skinner that their time is up.

Scully tells Mulder that they are going to get him out of there.

He asks her why that is, because he is a guilty man.

Scully stares at Mulder.

The guard tells them that their time is up once again.

Mulder excuses himself and walks across the cell, away from them.

Scully is very upset.

Scully and Skinner leave.

Mulder turns in his cell and asks someone why they are helping him. Krycek tells him that it is because he [Mulder] can't do it alone.

Mulder is pulled out of the cell by the guard.

In Skinner's office, Doggett and Reyes are talking to Scully and Skinner. Doggett questions Scully that she talked to Mulder. She tells him that she did, and that they have him believing that he murdered someone. She tells them that the man he supposedly killed is Knowle Roher.

Doggett tells her that that can't be because he watched him die. Reyes tells him that he can't die because he is a super soldier.

Skinner gets off of the phone. He tells them that he found out that Mulder broke into a government facility where they say their "shadow government" lives. Thirty military workers are ready to testify that they saw Mulder push someone do their death.

Doggett tells them that he can't kill a man that can't be killed.

Scully starts to leave the room. Doggett asks her where she is going, and she tells him that she is going to beg mercy with "the man upstairs."


Kersh talks to a marine corps general. He tells him that he was asked by a female agent to beg for mercy of the court and give Mulder every consideration based on his good character.

The man tells him that it looks bad for the marines and the FBI.

He asks Kersh what Mulder intends to plea, but he doesn't know.

The man tells him that he will give Mulder a fair hearing for his agent by his own agency. They can use their prosecutor and their judges, and it will be held in his court.

Kersh tells him that that can't be legal, and asks him why he is doing it. He tells him that he will do it because he wants a guilty verdict. He tells him that Mulder has made enemies. He is a crusader, and many people do not like the crusade.

Kersh tells him that he can't do that. The general tells him that he will. They both know that there are forces inside the government now that a man would be foolish to disobey.

Scully and Skinner go into Mulder's cell again.

Mulder sniffs into the air and then says:

MULDER: I smelled you coming, Clarice.

When he gets no response, he chuckles.

Scully tells him that it isn't funny seeing him putting on that act. He tells her that it is funny. What's not funny is what they do to you in there if you don't put on that act.

Mulder and Scully approach each other, and then kiss passionately. They then hold each other tight.

Meanwhile, Skinner looks embarrassed.

MULDER: Come 'ere you big bald beautiful man.

Skinner tells him that the only think that he will be kissing is his sweet ass goodbye because of the trouble that he is in.

Mulder tells him that he kind of gathered that from his fiftieth brainwashing session.

Mulder looks Scully in the eyes and then takes her hand and kisses it gently.

Scully asks him why they are doing it to him. He tells her that they think that they're preparing him for his trial and testimony.

Skinner tells him that his testimony won't matter--not with the case they are building. Mulder tells him that they aren't building it, but rigging it.

Skinner tells him that he doesn't think that he understands the seriousness of what is going on. He is on trial for his life.

Mulder tells them that what they really want is for him to admit his guilt and help them out. What is really on trial is the truth.

Scully says that he is on trial for murder. Mulder asks her if they produced the body. He tells her that they can't produce a body from a man who won't die.

Scully tells him that they will get him the best lawyer.

Mulder tells her that with his reputation they won't be able to get one. Skinner will represent him. Skinner isn't sure about it. Mulder tells him that he knows the facts and the conspiracy, and most of all, he trusts him.

Mulder tells them that they can't try him without exposing themselves. He knows what he is doing.

Doggett and Reyes enter the cell.

MULDER: Ooh, now it's a party.

Doggett tells them that he knows that it's impossible, but they are saying that they have Knowle Roher's body.

Mulder shakes his head in disbelief.

7:12 AM
Mulder lies on the ground. Scully moves towards him and touches his shoulder.

Mulder awakes and sits up.

Scully tells him that she needs him to talk to her and confide in her, or they will lose. Mulder tells her that they can't win. They can only hope to go down fighting.

SCULLY: You're scaring me. Mulder, I'm so scared that I just got you back, and now I'm gonna lose you again.

Mulder tells her that he knows what he's doing. She tells him that whatever he is doing, he has no idea how much has already been lost, and what she had to do.

Mulder tells her that he does know, because Skinner told him.

The hug each other.

SCULLY (crying): Our son, Mulder. I gave him up. Our son. I was so afraid you could never forgive me.
MULDER: I know you had no choice. (tearing) I just missed both of you so much.

Scully asks him where he has been hiding. He tells her that he was hiding in New Mexico.

When she asks him what he was doing there, he tells her that he was looking for the truth.

Still hugging him, Scully kisses him behind his ear.

She guesses that he found something there and wants to know what it is that he found. He tells her that he can't tell her. She has to trust him. He knows things now that it's better she doesn't.

Skinner walks into the hearing room, followed by Special Agent Kallenbrunner, the prosecutor.

The judges walk in. There is five total. Kersh presides.

Kersh tells the guards to bring in the defendant.

The guards bring Mulder in.

First, the prosecutor submits the sworn testimony of the thirty men who claim that they witnessed the crime.

Skinner tells everyone that he moves to dismiss the proceedings on the grounds that it violates the accused's rights to a fair trial. He is not a lawyer, Kersh is not a judge, and it is not a court of law.

Kersh tells him that it is military court law, and that he should familiarize himself with the codes, and call his witness.

Then Skinner says that he moves to delay the trial because they can't find his central witness, Marita Covarrubias, and he has received no help from the U.S. government in locating her.

Kersh denies his request and asks him if he has another witness.

Skinner tells him that he will call another witness, but he would like to do so under protest.

Kersh tells him that there, there is no record. Skinner tells him that it isn't a secret tribunal as he informed him, but a court of law. Kersh reminds him that it is a military court of law.

Mulder tells Skinner that it is okay, and to try his case.

The first witness to take the stand is Scully. She explains to the court how she was assigned nine years ago as a doctor and scientist to spy on Mulder's methods, which the FBI distrusted.

During her testimony, she is stopped several times which questions of relevance to the case.

She continues by telling them that she came to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials and conspiracy in the government to keep everything secret.

Scully believes that millions of years ago, life came to earth from a meteor from Mars. She believes that along with the biological building blocks of humans on it was something else--an alien virus. She tells them that she believes that the virus thrived there prehistorically and infected early man, which transformed his physiology. This changed him into an alien life form himself.

She believes that these aliens died in the last ice age thirty-five years ago. The virus lay dormant underground until it surfaced once again during the current geologic period.

The government learned of the virus in 1947 when a UFO crashed at Roswell. The virus thrived underground in petroleum deposits (in black oil). (Flashback of Mulder and Scully covered in oil, running away)

She tells them that the black oil can think and communicate. It communicated with the UFOs.

Skinner asks her if the government knows this.

She tells them that in Roswell they captured aliens and salvaged alien technology from them (flashback of Deep Throat and CSM with aliens). She tells them that they learned of the aliens' plans to recolonize the earth. They kept this information a dark secret because people would have panicked.

Kersh asks Skinner if he's finished. He tells Kersh that he wants to talk about her abduction yet.

Scully tells the court that she was abducted by the military, who were working with the conspirators, to develop a breed of human-alien hybrids that aliens would use as a slave race (flashback of hybrids floating in green liquid-filled tanks).

Next it is the prosecutor's turn to ask Scully questions.

The prosecutor makes fun of what Scully said. He says that she has no proof to show them.

Scully tells him that there are the Mars rocks, but he says that that isn't enough. He wants to see something good. He tells her that she has no proof to back up what she said.

The prosecutor then asks:

KALLENBRUNNER: Agent Scully, isn't it true that you and Mulder were lovers, and you got pregnant and had his love child.
SCULLY is silent
SKINNER: Objection!
PROSECUTOR: Thank you. Next witness.

Jeffrey Spender (his middle name is Frank) testifies next. He tells them that he worked on the X-Files until he was shot by his father.

Skinner tells him to tell the court who his father was.

Spender tells them that his father led the government conspiracy to exploit the existence of aliens.

He next explains his relationship to Mulder--that he is his half brother. He tells them that Mulder's mother had an affair with his father, but Mulder did not know that their fathers were in the conspiracy.

He tells them that Mulder's father was a reluctant member. He tells them how his father had Bill Mulder killed by Alex Krycek.

He tells them that Bill Mulder lived a life in shame--not for the conspiracy, but for the terrible decision that he made. The aliens distrusted the human collaborators, so they made them each surrender a family member to them as human collateral. Bill Mulder gave up his eight year old daughter Samantha.

He continues on, saying that Mulder watched his sister being abducted by aliens, which haunted him to no end.

He tells them that Samantha was returned and sent to California where the two of them were raised together (flashback of Jeffrey's and Samantha's handprints from "Closure"). He tells them that Samantha was taken many more times and suffered horrible tests.

Skinner adds that many times Mulder thought that he had found her, but he was tricked.

Spender tells them that Samantha was part of a cloning experiment done by the conspiracy. The real Samantha died in 1987 (flashback of Mulder hugging Samantha's ghost in "Closure").

Skinner questions that this was essentially by his (Spender's) own father's hand.

Spender tells the court that when he went to work for the FBI, he didn't know of his father's crimes. When he stood up to him, he shot him. When he didn't die he was subjected to the same horrible tests.

Then it is the prosecutor's turn to ask Spender questions.

He first tells Spender that he is sorry for his suffering and that no one can imagine what it was like. He tells him that his father must be brought to justice.

Spender tells him that his father is dead (flashback of CSM getting pushed down the stairs in "Requiem").

The prosecutor tells Spender that he is there to speak of Mulder's character. He tells Spender that in reports that he filed when he was an FBI agent, he described Mulder as "arrogant, difficult, a control freak, and widely disliked by his peers."

Spender tells him that that was before he knew the truth.

The prosecutor tells him that in another report he said that Mulder was unstable and prone to violent outbursts. He tells him that he can show him the file if he wants him to.

Spender is silent. He looks at Mulder.

In a desert, a kid on a motorcycle rides to a trailer. He goes in.

A voice asks him if he has found out about Mulder. He nods.

The voice then asks him if he found out that Mulder was in trouble. He nods again.

Gibson Praise steps out from the dark. He tells the kid that he will get ready now.

Scully enters Mulder's cell. She tells him to make a deal-guilty on a lesser charge. Maybe they will go for it and let him out of there.

He tells her that he would rather die. She asks him how he can say that, especially to her.

He tells her that it's greater than the two of them. It's about everything that they have worked for for nine years. It's about the truth that they both sacrificed so much to uncover and expose.

She tells him then to take the stand and testify-hit them full force with it. Again he tells her that he can't.

She tells him that he says that it is greater than the two of them, and maybe it is, but that it is the two of them fighting, not just him.

SCULLY: It's you and me. That's what I'm fighting for, Mulder. You and me.

Mulder is silent.

Scully leaves.

Mulder hears the words "Get up" from someone. He asks who it is.

X steps out of the darkness.

Mulder asks him what he is doing there. He tells him that that is what he is there to ask him.

Mulder tells him that he is putting the truth on trial.

X asks him what truth or who's truth he's talking about. He asks Mulder if he thinks that the men will even hear it.

Mulder tells him that they are afraid to hear the truth. X tells him that he is wrong--they have too much power to be afraid. He tells Mulder that he will learn that just like he did-he will die learning it.

Mulder tells him that he is not afraid of dying.

X tells him that there is a truth that even he is afraid to speak now, because he knows it is futile. Mulder tells him that he is wrong. He won't speak it because he refuses to accept it.

X tells him then that he is going to need help.

Mulder asks him how he can help him.

X hands Mulder a piece of paper.

Mulder looks down at the paper. Written on it is Marita Covarrubias's address.

Mulder looks back up, but X has vanished.

Doggett is in his apartment on the phone. He tells the person on the other line that he was told that he could find the body there, at Fort Marlene. The person tells Doggett to call back, but he says that he doesn't want to. The person hangs up on him.

Reyes is there as well.

Doggett starts to complain that the person hung up on him, but Reyes suddenly hears something and tells him to be quiet. She tells Doggett that there is someone outside.

The two agents draw their guns and go investigate.

Someone tries to open the door.

Doggett opens the door, ready with his gun.

It is the boy from the desert. He tells them that he didn't want to be seen because he didn't want to endanger who he brought with him.

Doggett asks him who he's talking about. The boy tells him that it is someone who wants to help Mulder.

Back at the tribunal, Marita takes the stand.

Marita explains her former position as Special Representative to the Secretary General of the United Nations. She tells them that the position allowed her to further the interests of the secret group of men, who called themselves the Syndicate.

She tells them that the Syndicate's interests were to develop an alien virus vaccine before the Russians did. They went about this by testing innocent civilians all over the world. The test subjects were tracked by DNA identifiers in smallpox vaccination scars.

Most of the subjects were taken without knowledge of anything, however there were some who were suspicious. Some of the Russians cut their arms off to prevent being attacked.

Skinner adds that that is also what an American man did that she worked quite intimately with.

Skinner asks her if she believed in the Syndicate. She tells them that she doesn't. She was paid for her access. She grew to hate them, which is why she helped Mulder when he came to her. However, the Syndicate found out and punished her--they turned her into a test subject.

She tells them that the Syndicate was pretending to work with the aliens to infect the entire population with the alien virus, but the conspirators were really trying to save themselves by secretly and selfishly developing a vaccine. They believed that all life in the universe had been infected by the virus, including a race of shape shifting alien bounty hunters who policed the conspiracy for the aliens, but they were wrong.

This led to the destruction of the conspiracy by a group of renegade aliens who had avoided infection through self-disfigurement. She tells them that all of the conspirators are dead now, killed by the same faceless aliens.

Skinner asks her then what it is that she is afraid of now--why she resisted testifying today.

When she doesn't answer, Skinner guesses that it is because the conspiracy continues, just in another form by other men.

The prosecutor objects, saying that Skinner can't ask her a question, and then answer it for her.

Skinner then says that Mulder is on trial for murder. He is accused of killing a man who is one of these new conspirators-alien replacements for human beings, called super soldiers.

Skinner guesses that she can prove that. He says that she knows who these men are.

Marita is silent.

Suddenly, Mulder is tapped on the shoulder. He looks up and it's Krycek.

KRYCEK: They'll kill her.

Skinner tells Marita that he asked her a question and he needs an answer.

Mulder suddenly yells to Skinner to quit and let her go.

Skinner tells him that she is the best witness that they have. He tells Skinner that it doesn't matter.

Mulder and Marita look at each other.

Next, Doggett comes into the room with an unscheduled witness. Gibson (Andrew) Praise walks into the room.

Mulder tells Skinner not to let Gibson testify-he's been trying to protect him. Skinner tells him that he is there to protect Mulder now.

Gibson takes the stand.

Gibson tells the court that Mulder is his friend. He hid Mulder in the desert for the last year.

Skinner tells everyone that Gibson can read minds. Mulder and Scully proved it scientifically.

He tells them that there is certain "junk DNA" that all humans share, but it has no apparent function. In Gibson, however, it is functional. It is DNA that is believed to be aliens.

Gibson tells the judges that he is reading their minds. He points out that he is even reading the mind of the one man.

The prosecutor asks Gibson why the one man is special. Gibson tells him that the man is not human.

Mulder stands up and starts screaming that the man is one of them and he wants the man examined.

The guards start to pull Mulder out of the room for his outburst.

Mulder tells that they are afraid of the truth.

Mulder is pulled the rest of the way out of the room.




Overall Rating : 15 (in other words, the best ever imo)
*Shippy Rating: 15 (ditto)
*MR/JD Shippy Rating: 3
*Note: OK a new note. Ratings will be completely different now because of the absence of Mulder, and therefore most likely of most of the shippiness. The ratings for this season are not equally comparable to that of previous seasons, so they will more or less be rated on their own scale, with me (trying to) disregard the fact that DD is not in it as a component in the rating. Shippiness still (if any) will ALWAYS be based on MULDER and SCULLY (unless I decide to do MR/JD or something later). The shippy scale is still based on the Redux II scale (1-10, as Redux II being a 10 [now with Triangle being an 11, All Things being an 11.5, and Millennium being a 12, and Requiem a 12.5 all above the scale])*

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