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Some of my favorite fanfic/author sites:
*Please note* I haven't read all of these stories and am in no way to be responsible for the content of them. Just because I featured a archive, doesn't mean I agree with all of the information contained within. Some of the material contained within these pages may not be sutable for young children. Owners of these pages are reponsible for the content, not me.
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My "Syzygy Sanctuary: Cosmic Consortium" will be finished soon, which will be my fanfic archive, featuring all stories of or relating to Syzygy. Check back often.

Gossamer Archives

Novy's X-Files 'Shipper Page
- M/S Romance Stories

The Oncology Ward Fanfiction Archive - Stories related to Scully's cancer

Fanfic Home - anyone know the official name of this page?

The Eurisko Romance Archive

The Red Wheelbarrow Society - poems about DD in various categories, even red speedos

The Scully Archive -fanfic about Scully

Post Episode Archive

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