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Hi my name is Jamie and welcome to my X-Files homepage. On this page I plan to include all X-Files pictures and info on the internet. I realize there is not a lot in information here (except for my weekly detailed episode reviews) yet but please be kind and realize that this page is not near finished and is always changing :) Right now my main focus is on the images and reviews, which there are thousands of. All of the stuff on my site you can get to from the links on the left. (All of the brigades, etc. of the cast/crew is linked from "Behind the Scenes" now.) If you have any questions, email me, and please, tell me what you think of the new setup of my site!
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I just met Bruce Campbell and The Enigma, check it out!


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Yes, that is me with the cast/crew of The X-Files!!!! I am currently working
to add more to my site about my experiences! For now, you can view the
progress on my X-Perience on the set site. Everything is still here from
The Expo

You can still see my William B. Davis picture here.

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