Hi, and welcome to my Doug Hutchison web site! That's me up there with him at the X-Files Expo in Detroit!!!! Doug was so nice to me. He's soooo cute!!! He talked on stage about how he did the escalator scene in Tooms completely nude, and he said if you slow down the tape, you can see his butt! You can! One Word: SNAPPY!!! (for those of you who don't know what a snappy is - it's a brand of screen grabber I use.) I'll definitely have that up soon!! I also plan to put up pictures of Doug from the Expo, and the autographs of him I got:) Doug Hutchison Rocks!!!! I say, "BRING TOOMS BACK!!!!"

My email I got now for this is LiverGiver@thepentagon.com so you can write there now if you want. The reason behind the nick? I was thinking, If he came to my house, I'd give him my liver if it meant I got to see him again;)

Also, Doug, if you ever see this, I hope you don't mind I used your quote for the title of this site, I just think it's so cool! Love ya!

A few pictures of Doug at the Detroit Expo

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