Hi, and welcome to Langly's Lair, my haven showing how much I appreciate Dean! More to come on this page soon!

Dean Haglund is the best!!!! I was lucky enough to see Dean at the New York Expo, the Detroit Expo, and a comedy club in Pittsburgh. My family and I couldn't stop laughing from his performance on stage! He is so hillarious. Dean does improv, and basically what he does for his time on stage is make up an X-Files episode as goes went along, including the audience in the story. He takes suggestions and content of the story from the audience, so each show is unique. The thing being investigated can be anything from a cross between many different animals, to a vibrating icepick!
In both New York, Detroit, and the comedy club, I got pictures taken with him, and autographs:) Dean was so nice and I was extremely thrilled to get to meet him:)

After Dean does a short intro he starts the story using someone to make sound effects as he goes about his day. For the second part, someone makes his arm movements while he discusses the case in his lab, as he also has to point to people as well as put his glasses on, which would be a hard task. Next, uses another person, here in Detroit, he used Charles Nelson Reilly, (where as he also used people from the audience, and in New York, he used Steven Williams) to play a scene with him. He is in 'Langly mode,' and Reilly played Mulder. They both take turns reading from pieces of paper strewn across the floor that are either random sentences from the audience, or at New York, he used sentences he said Frank Spotnitz wrote. This scene can take just about any turn. If your a shipper it can end up great:) In one of the performances, I remember, someone said they caught two certain FBI agents making out in the backseat of a car!

Yes, that's me up there with Dean! For the next part, he calls someone from the audience (which I was lucky enough to be!!!) to move his body parts to fit the script, as he stands completely still. I think the hardest was making him walk and kick:) On my autograph of him he wrote 'Thanks for moving me!' and said I'd have to explain that:)

Dean kept me laughing the whole time. I definitely recomend you see him perform if you haven't already. You'll be glad you did:) I hope he will be around here again soon!!!!

Dean even has his very own website! You can see it, and learn more about Dean, as well as find out if he'll be performing near you by going to his site.

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