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Hi, and welcome to the newly improved TFGA site! This site is a dediction to Gillian Anderson! She is by far THE BEST actress ever! Here you will find lots of info, quotes, pictures, and more of both Scully and the wonderful Gillian! Currently there are over 740 images of Gillian, in just my main image archive, not counting the big site of screen grabs I took from the tv on my episode page! Awhile ago, I also rearranged my images so they were easier to navigate! I have hundreds more to upload of Gillian yet too! Hopefully soon, I will also have all the pictures here at the same site at simplenet (now some are at simplenet, some at dragonfire...). Also, as some of you may already know, I got to meet Gillian backstage at the X-Files Expo in New York!!!! I got pictures and everything. You can check it out here. She is the best!

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