David and Gillian

David and Gillian
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The following links will lead you to all of the David and Gillian stuff on my site. You will find lots of pictures of David and Gillian, in just my main image archives, not counting the big site containing hundreds of screen grabs from "The X-Files" that I took from the tv on my episode page! You will also find information, quotes, and more of the characters they have played, and most of all, of David and Gillian themselves!And of course there's a link to my Shipper site:)

Mulder & Scully Romance Brigade
The David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Image Gallery
The Shippy Image Gallery
My X-Cellent X-Periences meeting David Gillian on "The X-Files" set and Gillian at the NY Expo
David and Gillian Behind the Scenes Images

For more about David and Gillian check out their separate pages, linked from the Behind the Scenes page!

Behind the Scenes:  The Cast and Crew



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