"Mulder loves Scully and Scully loves Mulder."
--Chris Carter

Hi, and welcome to my "Mulder and Scully Romance Brigade." I am a 'shipper, so I have provided this haven for all the X-Files Romantics out there!

'Shipper is short for relationshipper and refers to anyone who thinks Mulder and Scully are in love, but just don't know it yet. They also think Mulder and Scully should confess their love.

Here you will find images and information for 'shippers and X-Phile romantics. Below is some of my favorite links to 'shipper pages and even romantic fanfic sites.


Kisses, Hugs, and lots of love - My own, very extensive collection of shippy images.


The X-Files Institution of Relationshippers - In need of some shippy medicine? This site Includes a rehabillitation for romantic withdraw and a guide to 'shipper moments, and alot of other fun stuff.

The Relationship Episode Guide - Been wondering when a shippy scene took place? This is your guide to shipper moments.

Mulder/Scully Love Code - Wondering what Mulder and Scully really mean? Translations of their love.

The Love is Out There - The M&S Soundtrack Project - Want to here some music full of UST? Here are lists of songs that seem to fit the duo's relationship.

The MFEO Lexicon - Made For Each other Lexicon. Acronyms for shippers. If you don't know what UST means, you should go here.

The X-Files Shipper Haven - Includes more acronyms.

The Shipper Resource - Want more shipper resources? Here are lots of links.


Romantic Fanfic Archive - Need some UST or RST between the two? Here you can find a lot.

Mulder/Scully UST Archive - Like UST, but not quite ready for complete RST? Here's the place to be.

Mulder/Scully Married Archive - Like to read about wedding bells? Here's your chance.

A Holiday Archive - In the mood to read about Mulder and Scully spending Christmas together? Or how about Halloween? You'll find it all here.

Happily Ever After Archive - Only like stories with a happy ending? This is the place to be.


If you think Mulder and Scully should confess their love on the fifth season finale then help convince Chris Carter, sign this petition, or view it here. There is a new, better form coming soon.
Note: Please ignore the link back to my main page on the petition, it's to my old server.

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