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Main Heading (New)
Main Heading Christmas Edition (New)
Main Heading (Old)
David Duchovny
True Fans of Gillian Anderson Heading
Gillian Anderson
Mulder/Scully Romance Brigade Heading
Mulder/Scully Getting Married (The picture was already made, I added the heart.)
Mulder's Red Speedo Appreciation Society Heading
Fight the Future/Blackwood Heading
Episode Images Header
Memento Mori Heading
Shipper Banner
Noromosis Banner

Gillian Anderson
My First Gillian Anderson Collage
My First David Duchovny Collage
Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - Purple
Gillian Anderson - Extremis
A Full Length Gillian Image I made
A Little Bit Different
Manipulated Version of Gillian from Max
Alien - Commemmorating Roswell Anniversary
An "X" with FX

One Breath
Patient X

Yes, it's true! I am offering FREE personalized homepage images! (I will soon have other images on the rest of my pages as well.) If you are interested in getting one for free, read the steps below.

Send me an email with the following information. Hopefully I will have a form up soon, but at the present time, they aren't cooperating with me.
  1. Your name
  2. Your homepage address (Note: You do NOT have to have an X-Files homepage! I will do other images too!)
  3. Your email address
  4. Discription of what you want for your image (including text)
  5. Any image that you want, please send via email
  6. What type of file you want (ie. jpg, gif, ect.)
  7. What kind of image you want (header, banner, image map, email sign, or index sign (ie. back to my homepage as seen below which soon will be made better); I will do one of each to match if you want, given I have enough time. If I receive too much response from this, there may be a limit.
  8. What kind of special effects you want (ie. blended, filtered (ask for list), lightning, bubbles, camera flares, gradient, plastic wrap (very cool), smoke/clouds, lighting effects)
  9. Approx. size (including kb if you want)
  10. What background color you want (depending on the kind of image, I can do transparent; for lighting effects, black works best)
I will email you as soon as I get your request, and tell you approxamately how long it will take.
I only have one rule to this if you want it for free: You MUST put under the image "Learn how to get your own free personalized image made by Jamie" type may be small but must be large enough to read

All of the images are completely free, unless I get an overwhelming response, then you will know before you order it, however once the image is made and you have had it, if I didn't charge you I won't. For example if you order a free image, and it takes me week to make, and the next day I decide to charge, since you already ordered it, you wouldn't have to pay. Hopefully they will stay free. Since this page doesn't have a lot of traffic, they probably will remain free.
Note: I will not use any images directly from the Official Fox homepage, because I do not want to get in trouble, they must be from somewhere on the internet, or your own like mine, just not the ones from the profiles at the official fox pages. I also will not be held responsible for the images once they are distributed. I will not make images with pornographic or other unsuitable material or let you paste it on such a page, that is why you MUST include your URL in the email. I will however be happy to make protest banners like XFACTOR and so forth, and I also support 'shippers and MSR. This is free, so please respect my wishes.

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