Redux II

WARNING! SPOILERS BELOW! If you don't want to know what happens in Redux II, go back.

This is my summary I wrote on REDUX II. I wrote it very fast, so please don't pass judgement. Although this review was up before Redux II aired on FOX, no one actually probably seen it then because, 1.) this page isnt on any search engines yet, and 2.) the XFR list is down so I can't tell them. You can see The X-Files before it airs on FOX too, every Sunday, at 10:20 a.m. EST on T4 5 on the satelitte.

if you dont wanna know what happens than dont read this...i've already seen Redux II...this episode uncovered so much...all i can say is this: 'forget small potatoes, forget momento mori, forget pusher. this is THE BEST episode ever in my opinion. they get shippier as they go along!'


ok, here we go! first for those of you who are like me would probably like more of an explanation of the above first. now, it wasnt on the lips, but it was definetly better than thith from mm. mulder couldn't keep his hands off scully. he kissed her like 4 or 5 times, i lost count i was too busy screaming!;) ok, first, he kissed her to say hello in the hospital, on her cheek. in my opinion, not just a friendly kiss. and he kissed her hand when he held it. later he layed his head next to scully on the hospital bed and cried and kept kissing her wrist and arm. he was crying so hard he almost had her wrist in his mouth. (she was asleep during this one...SUPPOSEDLY...but how could anyone sleep through that;) j/k...maybe that's why he did it...anyway...) and later he kissed her on the cheek again. i'm not sure if he kissed her on the cheek twice the 1st time or not, so 4 or 5. she DID NOT protest, she only smiled and welcomed it. also shippiness, the way he looked at her, the way he talked about her, and the way he talked when she was telling him to blame her...and that smile when he came in her room for the first time, and when she was getting better. (i'll explain that)...ok now on with the mythology. again this reveals alot, so you might not want to know. ok...main points of interest...csm keeps telling fm he can give him the truth. he is telling him that kritchgau lied, apparently he was deceived too. according to csm, the way he hinted, there is alien life. (kritchgau's son died, btw:( ) he also tells mulder the cure is in the water...mulder tells csm he already knows the truth and wont work for him. csm goes on to tell him to meet him, that he has something to change his during all this, there are alot of hospital scenes. scully telling mulder to blame her. there is too much evidence again him. she is also telling mulder skinner is bad (he's not!!!!) and mulder is disagreeing bc skinner was helping him some...meanwhile, fm goes to the lgm, they find a computer chip in the water. fm goes on to say that when scully had the chip removed from the back of the neck, was soon before her cancer appeared. fm goes to tell ds and of course bill jr. disagrees. scully says its her decision, and decides to try it! bill jr. chews mulder out in the hallway and screams at him, asking if his search was worth all of the pain, and mulder explains he lost samantha, and his father for his search...mulder goes to meet csm, and in the car is....SAMANTHA...(could be a clone, but doesnt appear to be)...she explains she didnt know where to find mulder, and that csm is her dad, that their parents (mrs and bill mulder) kept it a secret, and that she was in a foster home for awhile, and that after csm treated her nice. mulder tells sam that csm knew where mulder was all along, and she says she doesnt believe him. she also says she has kids of her own!! when samantha gets in the car it looks like csm likes her but in a different way in my opion. maybe i'm reading to much into it...this is when mulder goes to the hospital and cries on scully. the next day at the hospital he tells her what he is going to do. she wants to know why he came to tell her if he already made up his mind, and he said, he knew if it was a bad idea she'd talk him out of it:) so...he goes to the meeting...very surprising ending...blevins is asking mulder if he shot the man in his apartment, and mulder wont answer that until he gets to point the finger at who was the mole on the inside. (meanwhile, skinner tries to get them to break so he can talk to mulder so he won't blame him, but...mulder says it is blevins behind it!!! blevins leaves the room sweating and in terror, and then the guy blevins always works with (like in the pilot too. what is his name?) shoots blevins!!!!! (he is dead) then we see csm looking at the picture of fm and sam again, and then the most unexpected part, someone shoots him!!!! mulder is talking to skinner at the end, and skinner says csm is dead. and gives mulder the pic of him and sam which is covered with blood and says it is presumably csm's, but they arent sure, his body is missing!...and that blevins was working as the spy, and asked how mulder knew...he guessed... mulder tells skinner that scully's cancer is better, she is getting well again. skinner wants to know how...don't know, I guess we'll never know...(fm says that) then skinner goes in to see her while mulder looks at the picture and cries.......the end... i dont think they had to end it with him crying but i still absolutely LOVED this episode. i'm like mulder, i dont care how they cured scully, they did that's all that matters! um and then they showed a prev. of unusual suspects, which might be cut off again tonight on fox like last week. it showed a fast clip of the top half of fm naked body...oooooohhh....but importantly, remember, cancerman is in the movie so he can't be dead unless its just a flashback, and the other guy was bad and blamed it all on Blevins...mulder, scully, and skinner are clean... if you want to know any more email me....and again it was on at 10:20 am on t4, i will have some snappies up soon of Redux I & II, so i'll let everyone know.


Mulder: Keep going FBI woman!
--Redux I

Mulder: I'm only half dead
--Redux II

Skinner: They're cleaning up, taking everything away.
Mulder: Not everything...Scully's cancer's gone into remision.
Skinner: That's unbelievable news.
Mulder: It's the best news I could have ever heard.
Skinner: What turned it around?
Mulder: I don't know. I don't think we'll ever know.
--Redux II

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