XFS Rules & FAQs
  1. Who can join, and how do I subscribe?
  2. Where do I send my emails?
  3. How can I contact only the list manager?
  4. How can I reply to only one person without replying to the whole list?
  5. I get so much email from this list, what can I do?
  6. What is "digest mode?" How do I switch to it? How do I unsubscribe?
  7. What am I allowed to talk about on the mailing list? What is considered OT (off topic)?
  8. Can I send fanfic to the list?
  9. Can I send multimedia to the list?
  10. Can I send the list manager a spoiler to send to the list anonymously?
  11. If I get too much email from the list for me even with digest mode, can I unsubscribe and still get spoilers?
  12. Policy on flaming.
  13. Policy on spamming.
  14. Policy on email signatures.
  15. Is there a chat room/posting board for this list?
  1. Any X-Phile or fan of the actors/writers can join. You can subscribe by filling your name in the subscribe box on my spoilers site and be taken to onelist. If you have problems for any reason you can email me and I will subscribe you.
  2. To send letters to the list, send all email to: xfspoilers@onelist.com
  3. I can be contacted at jamie@ccia.com
  4. To reply to one member you must personally email them. The reply is set to the whole list.
  5. You can change your subscription to "digest mode."
  6. Digest mode takes all the letters that are sent to the list for ONE day and puts them into one email, which you receive once a day. You will still get all of the messages, just in one big email. To change your subscription or unsubscribe at any time you can do one of two things. You can go to Onelist and go to the member area, where there are instructions on how to change your subscriptions for any Onelist mailing list. OR (if you can't figure out how to do that) you can email me and ask me to change it for you. Requests for subscription changes to the whole list may not be granted by me because I do not look for requests through the list, you must email me directly.
  7. This mailing list was made for everyone's enjoyment. You may talk about anything regarding "The X-Files" or the cast/crew/etc of the show, not just spoilers. Remember though, this list has a maximum rating of PG-13. Because of the amount of mail this list receives, do not send messages about stuff other than the show, unless it is about you, your likes/dislikes/hobbies/websites/etc. Do not carry on off topic conversations about other shows you like, etc. (Commenting on a show you are comparing to "The X-Files" is all right, just don't make a discussion out of it. If you want to talk about it, then continue it through private emails.) Also, do not send "me too" messages. If you want to respond to a member privately do so. I know sometimes people will take surveys about who likes an episode, etc. Unless it is a discussion (for example, "What's your favorite line in X episode") everyone should reply to the message personally. After the poll is done, you may post the results. Welcome, congratulations, or thank you messages should be sent privately as well. When you reply to an email, only quote as much of the previous email as necessary. These are all just attempts to cut back on the mass amount of email this list receives. Don't worry about sending normal messages, we all want to have fun. Lastly, DO NOT get into bashing conversations about REAL people. Meaning, it is all right not to like someone and voice it, but comments can be hurtful. While bashing Diana Fowley is all right because she is just a character, sending hate mail about the woman who plays her, Mimi Rogers, would not be acceptable.
  8. Fanfic is acceptible, just please put summaries/ratings/categories/etc. with all fanfic sent to the group. If it is a romance, make sure to put who it's between, a lot of people get annoyed when they start reading a story and find out it's not about who they thought. I am in no way responsible for the fanfic you send out to the group. But as a reminder, this list has a maximum rating of PG-13 because of the differing age groups on this list. If you have a higher rated fanfic, you may post about it, but please either send a link or ask who wants to read the story, do not just post it.
  9. Multimedia is allowed on the following conditions: --if possible, link it. --if it's not on the internet, ASK who wants it, DO NOT just send it out. Multimedia can take up a lot of loading time. Multimedia includes pictures/sounds/videos/etc. (This does not include an email that has a small picture in the signature.)
  10. Yes. I will send it out and keep it confidential.
  11. Because of the number of requests, I can no longer send out my spoilers reviews to people privately (unless like you missed one or something, just not weekly). You can find all of the previous and current reviews I have written later in the day on my spoilers website, here.
  12. Absolutely NO flaming. You can disagree with someone on the list, but there is acceptable ways of telling how you feel. People on this list want to be friends, and a lot of things can be hurtful.
  14. It is OK if you have longer email signatures. I know that some lists prohibit it, but they represent the people sending the email. A few extra lines in an email never hurt anybody.
  15. There is a chat room for this list on irc on #xfspoilers on dal.net. You can download irc here. I hope to have a posting board up soon.

If you have any suggestions for the rules/FAQs, or see emails going against these rules, feel free to email me.

or go to the Spoilers main page.

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