Patient X
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David Duchovny as Agent Fox Mulder, Gillian Anderson as Agent Dana Scully, and Mitch Pileggi
as Assistant Director Skinner.
Guest Cast:

Nick Lea as Alex Krycek, Alex Shostak, Jr. as Dmitri, Laurie Holden as Marita Covarrubias,
Veronica Cartwright as Cassandra Spender, Max Wyman as Dr. Per Lagerqvist, Barbara Dyke
as Dr. Dominique Alepin, Ron Halder as Dr. Floyd Fazio, Jim Jansen as Dr. Heitz Werber, Chris Owens
as Jeffrey Spender, Don S. Williams as Elder, John Moore as 2nd Elder, John Neville as
Well-Manicured Man,  Willy Ross as Quiet Willy, and Brian Thompson as The Bounty Hunter.

	"Patient X" started out in Russia with two boys at a crash site with burning
cars and dead victims.  Suddenly, the Alien Bounty Hunter (yep!) comes out, with his
eyes and mouth sewn shut, and catches on fire, and goes after the boys. The one boy
gets away, but the ABH torches the other boy.  There was no gimlet this time. 
	Unluckily, the boy that had escaped ended up being found by Alex Krycek and
Marita Covarrubias, who acted like they would help him. A man sees the body of the
one boy, and says it looks like he was burnt, like the flesh is cooked all the way
	Marita and Krycek talked for awhile, Krycek telling her she can go back and
tell them "It's all going to hell." and that they can "Kiss his American ass." Then
Krycek takes the boy, Dmitri, back to the prison camp.  

	Mulder is shown sitting at a conference listening to a woman on a projection
screen talking about her multiple abductions, and the good of the aliens, and that she
has no fear of them. She is called "Patient X" assumedly not to reveal her real name.
The other attendants present their ideas, all believing what the woman has said.
Mulder goes against them all, talking about the government, and the woman believing
the lie. Saying that the bigger the lie, the easier people will believe, and that
the government is not covering up alien existance, but creating it so people will
believe everything without a doubt. 
	On the way out, he sees Dr. Werber and startstalking to him, basically
telling him that his memories may not be real, and that they have both been lied to.
Werber tells Mulder he should see the woman, who is a patient of his.

	At the prison camp, Krycek has the boy's mouth and eyes stitched up, and
assumedly beats the boy until he gets the answer he wants out of him.  Then, the doctor
comes to perform tests for the black cancer on the boy, but when he finds out he isn't
a criminal, he doesn't want to hurt him, but Krycek orders him to. Krycek then steals
a bottle of something, that looks like "Purity Control."

	Mulder then goes and talks to the woman, Cassandra Spender. She says she knows
Mulder because she read about the Duane Barry incident, and she goes on to say how
Mulder saved him, and then Mulder says how Barry was killed. He asks her if she's
there voluntarily, and she confirms she is. Mulder tells her, "Well, whatever it is
you're afraid of, I suggest you check out of here as soon as you can and start
living your life."  Mulder leaves, and Cassandra gives Werber a suspicious look.

	The tests are shown on the boy.  Two of the men who run the camp talk about
what Krycek has done with the boy. They walk in the room to see that the man hung
himself, most likely due to guilt.

	Krycek checks on the boy.

	Scully meets up with Special Agent Jeffery Spender, who tells her that the
woman, Cassandra, is his mother. That she is mentally ill and that he doesn't want
Mulder talking to her, because he doesn't want a reputation at the bureau.

	The consortium are gathered together, sans Cancerman, where Marita tells them
what happened. Also at the meeting is the man who supposedly shot CSM. Marita tells them
that Krycek was there, and that there were 41 dead bodies, all burned beyond
recognition, the result of some kind of intense bio-chemical reaction. She says that
the UN Medics had never seen anything like it, even in the Gulf, or in any battlefield.
The Well-Manicured Man says that somebody is ruining the plan and that they weren't
told. Marita shows WMM two implants she found at the scene. He says they most likely
all had them. He then gets a call from a bragging Krycek.

	Back at the office, Scully comes in and sees Mulder reading the newspaper that
has a picture of him on it from the conference, which he begins drawing a beard and
mustache on. Through the conversation, Mulder says, "Do I look like I'm having fun,
Scully?" and Scully replies, "You look constipated actually." and he says "That would
make sense, I've had my head up my rear end for the last five years." He goes on to
say he doesn't believe Cassandra and then says "One more anal-probing gyro-pyro
levitating eco-plasm alien anti-matter and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot
somebody." (try saying that three times fast:) and Scully says, "Well, I guess I'm
done here. You seem to have invalidated your own work. Have a nice life." Later she
says, "You've come a long way, Mulder." and he answers, "Yeah, and still nobody
believes me."  Scully looks at the report, saying that Cassandra says she was taken
to Skyland Mountain, where Duane Barry took her before, and that she likewise has an
implant in her neck. This time Mulder plays the skeptic. "The woman is a nut Scully."
he says. She tells him that she met Jeffrey Spender and he said for Mulder to stay away.
He already planned to.

Skyland Mountain is shown where all the abductees are going. 

	Scully goes to see the woman, and she recognizes Scully.  She asks Scully if she
wakes up at night, feeling there's somewhere she needs to be, but she doesn't know where.
That she can feel it in the back of her neck where the implant is. Scully tells her
that's not why she came, but she came to warn her not to ever remove the implant,
or she could get very sick. She says she wouldn't, that she wants it there, that she
wants to go to see the aliens. She tells Scully that she as a doctor should want to
see the aliens, that they are great healers. She says maybe that's why Scully was

	At Skyland Mountain, a man runs up to a car banging on the window to be let
in. The ABH comes up behind him and torches him.

	At the site, Mulder sees the bodies and then Scully comes in. Scully thinks it's
related to her abduction. When she asks him if he's going to tell her his theory, he
says no, that he's going to give her an explanation.

	The consortium is shown once again, WMM saying they need to stop it before
the colonists can intervene.

	Cassandra is watching the news telling of the victims, crying when Mulder and 
Scully come in. Soon after, her son is there, and he wants to talk to the agents,
telling them that he doesn't want them talking to her, and that the only reason she
knows the victims was because she was in a cult with them. They later find she was
not in a cult, but was a member of MUFON.

	Krycek goes to Marita like he is about to assult her, and they start
passionately kissing. 

	Scully wakes up in the middle of the night and looks out the window like she
wants to leave.

	Krycek finds Marita is gone, and so is the boy.  Well-Manicured Man comes to
Krycek and asks him where the boy is, pointing a gun at Alex.

	Mulder shows Scully some x-rays of three of the victims at random. They all
have implants in the base of their neck. He then lets her read that they all have had
psychological problems in the past, and that they all recalled going to Skyland
Mountain, the place of Scully's disappearance. Marita calls Mulder on a pay phone
telling him about the other abduction site, until the boy in the car come over and
looks like he is going to wipe some of the black stuff onto her, as now his stitches
have been torn open.  Marita drops the phone.

	Mulder goes to the phone booth where Marita was possibly killed, and calls
Cassandra, but Agent Spender answers instead. Mulder asks if Scully is there, and he
says no, and that neither is his mother.

	Scully is shown at Skyland Mountain with all the other abductees, as well as
Cassandra. There is a bright light that appears to be a UFO that hovers over them.
Suddenly a man on fire comes out, followed by the ABH and another man who are
carrying fire starters. You can see that the ABH has his eyes, mouth, AND nose sewn
shut, and it appears as if they are healed over that way. Screen fades out to
"To be continued."

RATING (From 1 to 10): 6.5
SIPPER RATING (From 1 to 10): 2.5
NOTE: Yes, Jeffery Spender was played by Chris Owens, but it mentioned nothing and made NO hints to the other spoilers. I am assuming they were wrong.

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