The Red and the Black

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David Duchovny as Agent Fox Mulder, Gillian Anderson as Agent Dana Scully, and Mitch Pileggi
as Assistant Director Skinner.
Guest Cast:

Nick Lea as Alex Krycek, Alex Shostak, Jr. as Dmitri, Laurie Holden as Marita Covarrubias,
Veronica Cartwright as Cassandra Spender, Max Wyman as Dr. Per Lagerqvist, Barbara Dyke
as Dr. Dominique Alepin, Ron Halder as Dr. Floyd Fazio, Jim Jansen as Dr. Heitz Werber, Chris Owens
as Jeffrey Spender, Don S. Williams as Elder, John Moore as 2nd Elder, John Neville as
Well-Manicured Man,  Willy Ross as Quiet Willy, Brian Thompson as The Bounty Hunter, and William B. Davis as The Cancerman.

Short summary to cover major points:

Scully burned!
Scully believed!
Marita coma!
Marita cured!
Krycek - SLASH!
CSM alive!

ok here we go...

Last time on the X-Files...

	...A boy is shown on his way to a cabin in the woods, but it is not shown yet
who the owner of the cabin is yet. We see the man (but not his face) typing at a
typewriter a letter, (which I will transcript later) to his son, saying he wants to
reconcile with him, and show him the good ways, ect. The boy makes it to the cabin, and
takes the letter from the man ready to deliver it. The letter's postal is addressed to the FBI building.
RUSKIN DAM, PENNSYLVANIA 6:27 A.M. The bridge we've seen before is shown. Bodies are everywhere. Mulder arrives
running over to a woman in a body bag with red hair, fearing the worst. Skinner comes
rushing over and Mulder asks him if Scully was there, and he says they're working on her
right now, and confirms she's still alive. (So that body you saw was not Scully! Scully
don't really show many burns either.) She's flown over to the hospital where she is
treated. Something about her electrolights was wrong. Spender approaches Mulder and Skinner, wanting to know where his mother is, but they don't know. Marita is shown getting an injection. You can see the black oil in her eyes. The consortium is looking down on Marita, and the two people dressed as doctors, some woman, and Well-Manicured Man.
Mulder visits Scully and tenderly brushes his hand over her face and pulls back a piece of hair to wake her up. "What time is it?" she asks. "What time is it? It's time thank your lucky stars." he says with a laugh. He discovers she doesn't remember what happened at all. He explains she has first degree burns on her face and hand, and some scorching, and that she was airliftted to the hospital. Scully looks over to the television to see a news report on the burn site, and asks if she was there. Mulder leaves after the nurse tells him Scully needs rest; Scully protests. Spender approaches Mulder telling him they haven't found his mother. He blames Mulder and Scully. UROFF-KOLTOFF STAR OF RUSSIA NEW YORK HARBOR
Well-Manicured Man gives Krycek some water the way Krycek did before to the boy. WMM tells Krycek that Marita Covarrubias took the boy. He says she didn't expect the danger, and that Krycek was clever to infect the boy to insure infection of anyone that tries to learn what the boy knows. He says though, that now the boy is dead, by another mysterious halocoust. Krycek says that now he has to deal with him, but WWM says that there is no deal. The boy was Krycek's trump card, he wouldn't have infected him unless he could also cure the boy. He think's Krycek has a vaccination made by Russia, that works, that now, a resistance against alien colonists is possible. He wants to know where the vaccine is. Krycek asks if he meant to cure Marita after what she did. He tells Krycek that he meant for him to save himself. Maybe then Krycek will end up with another oilean in later mythology episodes? At the Wiekamp Air Force Base a UFO catches on fire. It looks like the triangle shaped one in Apocrypta. Millitary men run to it, and the killer with his face sewed up comes out from the wreckage. Back at the hospital Mulder shows Scully pictures of the site. He says that he hasn't told anyone yet, but that they found more implants. He goes on to say that to find the truth he wants to know who made them. The government. He says the implant in her neck was found at a millitary research facility, that it was developed as a biochemical weapon and to monitor her immunity or to destroy her like a labrat if the truth were to be exposed. Her cancer. Her cure. Everything that's happening to her now, that it all points to that chip. "The truth is in you." he says. Scully tells him that five years ago (we all know it was actually six - March of '92 - March of '98) he told her about his sister's abduction. She says that she didn't believe it, but she followed him, just on his faith, not on facts or science, but on memories. He disputes her by saying he doesn't trust those memories anymore. She says that they still brought him to where they're at now. She continues saying that she doesn't have any recollection of what events transpired, and without them she can't follow him, and she won't. Mulder looks upset, wanting her to believe, and asks her what if he could give her those memories? Prove to her that he is right and that what he believed so long is wrong? She asks him if that's what he wants. Showing the consortium again, WMM is explaining what he has found out. The first Elder looks at the pictures from the UFO crash in West Virginia and says that it (meaning his face) was self-mutilation, as protection against the black oil. The man was a lone survivor from that crash. He was the last face the dead saw at Skyland Mountain. WMM: Resistance is possible. We have the weapons and the magic in hand. 1st Elder: We don't know if the vaccination works. WMM: It will, and if it doesn't, we have a new alliance to be made. 1st Elder: Side with the alliance? Other member: Suicide. 1st Elder: They'll squash us as they do them. We must turn the rebel over. WMM: But first wait to see if the vaccinne works. The scene changes to show that Marita is still sick. OFFICE OF DR. HEITZ WERBER SILVER SPRINGS, MARYLAND
Mulder takes Scully to Dr. Werber who puts her under light regression hypnosis.
She remembers being on the bridge when the spaceship hovered over, then left. She sees
the Alien Bounty Hunter (I am not sure if there are more than one or not. Maybe I am
mistaking this man's identity, keep reading and you'll get what I mean.) and other
man coming forward with torches setting everyone on fire, until the UFO hovers back
over, shooting down laser beams attacking the ABH and man. She basically says that
the ship was fighting the men. Then she sees Cassandra being lifted into the air, out of
her wheelchair. Werber wakes her up. Scully discovers that she has been holding Mulder's hand, tightly, - it's so
sweet - and asks if he stayed the whole time, which he confirms.

In Skinner's office, Skinner tells Scully he received the tapes she sent him. He wants to know what happened, what he should write in his report. Mulder tells him that he thinks it was all staged to test a millitary project, or to cover it up. Skinner says five years ago he doubted Agent Mulder, but he was persuaded by Mulder's belief. He says he doubts him now, but not because of that belief, but because "Extraterrestrial phenomena is frankly more plausible." Mulder says then that he suggests that's what he puts in his report. Once again Marita is shown, and her eyes are still black. The First Elder says that the vaccine has no effect. WMM wants to give it time. The First Elder says they must survive first. "Turn over the alien rebel, and you turn over any chance of resistance." WWM says. The first Elder replies that it's already been done, then leaves the room. Back in the office, Scully walks in, only to see that Agent Spender is there. He tells her he knows she went to see Dr. Werber. He says that she probably knows a lot about alien abduction, that Mulder's probably pushed the idea. Scully says "No, actually, Agent Mulder hasn't." Spender shows Scully a tape of himself when he was eleven, talking to Dr. Werber. He explains to her that the encounter he was telling Werber about was all lies, that his mother told him to say those things, And that after awhile, he started to believe it. He says that the truth is, his dad left the family, and his mom went insane. He goes on to tell Scully that Werber is BS. It's like having a dream, and pretending it's real. Scully: I appreciate your opinion Agent Spender, but I don't have a mother feeding me abduction stories. Spender: You've got Mulder don't you? How many times have you heard the stories he's told? How about the one about his own sister? Don't let yourself be used. Scully looks like she's about to cry. In Mulder's apartment, Mulder sees a piece of paper on the floor. It says 'Things are looking up.' Krycek jumps down on Mulder and puts a gun on him. Krycek: You must be losing it Mulder! I can beat you with one hand! Mulder: Isn't that how you like to beat yourself?...If those are my last words, I can do better. ;) Krycek tells Mulder about the aliens and everything that's going on, I'm assuming so one more person knows the truth and can pass it on. Of course at first Mulder doesn't believe him, telling his he's a murderer, a liar, and a coward. Late into the conversation when Krycek is about to leave, he hesitantly leans over Mulder and kisses his cheeck. I'm assuming this is a Russian tradition, not Slash (Otherwise Chris Carter's been reading too much fanfiction). Krycek gives Mulder his gun, then says in Russian, "Good luck to you, my friend." Back at the base, the ABH climbs over a fence and runs. At Mulder's apartment Scully comes in, and says "Mulder, what are you doing sitting in the dark?" "Thinking." he answers. Mulder shows Scully the paper which on the back says 'Wiekamp Air Force Base.' Scully tells Mulder she's been reconsidering what she thought happened. He says he has too. He says they need to go there to find the 'answer to the question they've been destined to ask.' WIEKAMP AIR FORCE BASE, PENNSYLVANIA Mulder and Scully dry up to the base where Mulder gives the guard identification. The guard says to 'Mr. Muldar' that they need papers saying why they're there. Mulder makes up a dumb emergency and the guard goes to check on it. Meanwhile a large truck, driven by the man who 'killed' Cancerman, comes forward and Mulder jumps on the back. The guard sees this and sends people after him and arrests Scully. The driver's face changes to that of the ABH. He goes into the back of the truck looking in the cage at the stitched up survivor and gets ready to kill him with his gimlet, until a bright light is overhead. Another man looking almost the same comes in and Mulder screams "NO!" and shoots him. The scene changes to show Marita once again, this time her eyes are clear. The millitary arrive, and Mulder looks back, but the cage is empty. More missing time, I guess. Mulder and Scully drive away with them in the squad car, and Scully asks "What happened?" and Mulder replies simply rubbing his face, "I don't know." FBI HEADQUARTERS WASHINGTON, D.C. In Skinner's office, he is talking to Agent Spender. He says that he's sorry haven't found his mother yet, and that he will be discreet about the information he gave him, but that Mulder has opened an X-File on the case. On the way out, Spender receives a mail delivery, which is the same letter we saw in the teaser. Back outside the little boy from the teaser is shown walking to the cabin again. He gives the man the letter back which says 'Return to Sender,' and tells the man he is sorry, then leaves. The camera pans to the man who is Cancerman...

RATING (From 1 to 10): 7.5
SIPPER RATING (From 1 to 10): 3.5
NOTE: I know I wrote in the last report about Jeffery Spender and Chris Owens,
but it now appears that he may be Mulder's brother. He will NOT however be going to
replace David Duchovny. Also, the tagline was changed to "RESIST OR SERVE." Also, if you notice, two of the quotes in this episode were almost the same as others. ('The truth is in you,' and 'Mulder, what are you doing sitting in the dark?')

Images from "The Red and The Black"

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